5.1 Search by title and Remove from Folder
Additional function for search results on Google Drive
Enter file Title, for search...
insert Folder ID ,see URL folders/... 
Search by and Remove from Folder
✓  test only one file
Search files by Title
detects  Existing folder on google Drive by folder ID
unlink files with Existing folder without deleting 
Google Drive has  function to create many Folders for one file. it looks like, shortcut in another folder, but really folders are connected to only one file . if you delete any folder  with file,  you delete file everywhere, because file is one, and it is not represented by an independent shortcut. for remove file location open file  > details > Location > remove.  linked Folder does not have size. 

This function allows user to search files by Title and automatically remove their location from indicated folder without file deleting.

Folder ID on Google Drive is located in the browser address bar 
 (open folder and from address bar copy ID after – ” /folders/....” )


for collect all files  uncheck " test only one file ".