3.2 Search by full Text + Add shortcut to New Folder
Additional function for search results on Google Drive
Enter any text, file may contain, for search....
Search and show files in New Folder
✓  test only one file

Search files by Full Tex 
Creates new Folder on Google drive, 
folder name consist query words e.g. ☆ Full Text contains "invoice " 
connects files with new folder without copying 
Google Drive has a function to create many Folders for one file. it looks like, shortcut in another folder, but In reality, folders are connected to only one file . if you delete any folder  with file,  you delete file everywhere, because file is one, and it is not represented by an independent shortcut. linked Folder does not have size.  

This function allows user to search files by Full text and connect  them automatically with New folder, without copying.

Search does not work for very new files and need time before Google Drive indexes them.

for connect all files  uncheck " test only one file ".